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Frequently Asked Questions

A. General information:
How do I know what version of Lasso to purchase?
There are many versions of Lasso depending upon your requirements. The hardware provided is very similar for different application but the software integral to the hardware is changed to match the application. In addition, special web pages are enabled for specific users depending upon customer needs.
Why is Lasso different from other Asset Tracking Companies?
Many companies provide location solutions. Few provide location and sensory data from the asset being monitored. Sensory data can come from any physical attribute in the field or vehicle on board computer data. Lasso specializes in "Where Is It and What Is It Doing?"
What type of Monitoring does Lasso do?
Location, Weight, Flow, Tank Levels, Pressure, Temperature, On/Off signals, Theft, Motion Detection, Monitor Vehicle Engine Data, Fleet Hours of Service Recording, and Maintenance logs.
Who do you use for your Cellular Provider?
Lasso uses Verizon linked to our internally developed cellular based technology to allow us to rapidly provide custom solutions. Overseas service is through Vodaphone, Telefonica, and others.
Who do you use for your Satellite Provider?
Globalstar is the world's largest provider of mobile satellite voice and data services. Globalstar has 52 low earth orbit satellites and they are affiliated with Loral, Qualcomm, Alcatel, Vodaphone, Hyundai.
Why do you have GPS and integral sensors?
Most Asset tracking devices are only capable of reporting position. The Lasso product line has the ability to read many 3rd party sensors and vehicle on board computer data. This data can be sent to the user and presented in a variety of charts, graphs, logs, email alerts, and even synthesized phone voice calling.
Why is the operating cost of Lasso lower than similar devices?
Lasso uses cellular and satellite based technologies. Cellular updates can be sent every few minutes for low monthly rates. Satellite updates are typically sent every few hours for a surprisingly low monthly data fee. The returned data is provided in graphical form on our web pages.
Will Lasso work in other countries?
The Lasso product line works in virtually any country. Our cellular service can automatically switch among different wireless provider options depending upon signal availability. The satellite based Lasso product will work virtually anywhere on earth.
Will Lasso work in remote regions?
The cellular product requires that cellular service be available which is likely in most areas, especially since we have access to multiple providers. For those locations which are extremely remote, our satellite based products should be used.
How long is the battery life?
Depending upon customer requirements, Lasso has products that can last for 5 years on a battery. In most applications that need to conserve battery life, the product sleeps for extended periods to conserve life.
Do you have Oil & Gas Field Tank Level Monitoring?
We monitor brine oil tank levels remotely. Email, and automated phone call alerts are typically used. Cell or Satellite based so it can be used anywhere. Ultrasonic Level sensor is impervious to harsh chemicals. Quick ROI: Eliminates frequent tank checks.
Do you have a means of measuring Frac water flow rates remotely?
Cell or Satellite based flow monitoring for Frac water delivery lines. Daily reports, graphs, and charts showing flow rates.
What products handle Fleet Management?
Lasso's Fleet Management products provide Hours of Service Compliance. Retrieve engine data and faults, vehicle weight monitoring, excess braking, inspection reports, mileage by county or region. Receive web, email and synthesized voice alerts. Monitor fuel management, emissions reporting, and non productive idle times.
Do you have the ability to detect and track stolen items?
Place Lasso Device in item that you suspect might be stolen. Stays dormant and sleep while using minimal power but still detect motion. 5 month sleep modes. Continuous tracking and tracing when woken due to movement. Stays awake and reports position as long as motion continues.
What products do you have that are applicable for Industrial Applications?
Cell or Satellite based ability to monitor switches and sensors. Remotely turn devices on & off. Reporting of alarm conditions using maps, email and synthesized voice alerts.
Who do I call for sales and customer support?
Contact Lasso Technologies at 866-392-0923 for sales and customer support.