Lasso Technologies, LLC
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About us
Lasso Technologies provides both Cellular and Satellite based wireless communications and GPS technologies used for asset management, monitoring, control, and machine status. Lasso builds the controls and web pages needed to convey sensor and GPS data back to the user so that they can gain a better understanding of their business processes. Sensors and interfaces are provided to the customer based upon what the customer intends on monitoring. Lasso provides a complete drop in solution so that the customer can focus on their business.
Peter McCormick
Peter McCormick Peter has extensive experience in the development of mechanical devices, software, algorithms, patents and industrial automation products and controls. He was President and co-founder of an Industrial Robotics company. Peter lead a team of product innovators, engineers, manufacturing resources and marketing teams to develop revolutionary new products for the automation industry. The company was acquired by the Dover Corporation. After the sale, the division became the Advanced Development group and developed Computer controlled Sensors, motion & automation products for sister companies. Peter is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas. Peter holds 22 patents and 3 pending patents dealing with mechanical automation components, control systems, control algorithms, GPS devices, Wireless Telemetry, and electro-mechanical products used in a variety of industries. Prior experience at Lockheed and Schlumberger Paris. Experience with many robotic systems, software languages, circuit design, microcontrollers, low power sensors, Wireless GSM/GPRS/CDMA/Satellite modems, GPS modules, and electro-mechanical devices used in a variety of industries. Peter holds a BS and MS in electrical engineering from RPI.
Richard S. Kumpf
Richard S. Kumpf Rick has many years of experience in software development and business services. After a career practicing securities law, Rick founded several software companies which became a catalyst to several brand-named internet sites today. Rick was instrumental in creating the strategy, raising substantial equity through venture capital and investment banks, recruiting a world-class management team, operating the company, creating widely used products, and structuring key relationships with strategic software and content partners. Rick's entrepreneurial experience with direct marketing, technology and e-commerce has led to positions as a consultant, advisory board member and board member. Rick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Texas A&M University and a JD in Law from Texas Tech University.
Daniel Irizarry
Daniel has an extensive sales and management background in both the technology and retail markets. Before merging with Lasso, Daniel served as President of DragonTMC, Inc. located in Coppell, TX. Prior to that, he was the VP of Sales with Geoforce Inc. leading the North American regional sales team, building and managing a global network of channel partners, and planning and executing growth strategies. Daniel joined Geoforce after leaving Dallas-based technology startup, SAVR Communications (now OnAsset Intelligence). While there, he served as the Executive Sales Director and helped Fortune 500 companies like Wells Fargo, Visa, and Caterpillar implement RFID technology to improve their operations.
Bijal Modi
Bijal Modi Bijal has over 20 years of research and software architecture experience in the web, mobile and telecommunications industries. He is a Founder and Chief Architect at Rinira Technologies, a company founded on the principles of customer focus, innovation and unbeatable ROI. Worked closely with Peter on Robotics projects and was a Director of Application Development at CollabNet focusing on web based collaboration. Dr. Modi received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.
Chelsea Chelsea has an extensive B2B marketing background with a focus on brand management and communication. Chelsea has worked on multiple websites and managed the messaging for companies across various industries and platforms. As the marketing manager at Geoforce, an asset tracking software company where she coordinated their international marketing efforts and helped launch multiple products and solutions within the oil and gas industry. Later, at ValuD Consulting, she led the launch of two websites and developed a full marketing team that successfully operated for two different companies. Chelsea has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Public Relations from Baylor University.