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Indoor-Outdoor GPS
  • Tracking product within your warehouses, during shipment and at your end customer.
  • Tracking high value product such as medicine both indoors and outdoors.
  • Automatic billing of your end customer.
  • Most GPS products cannot determine GPS location indoors. The Lasso Omega can determine coordinates indoors and out.
  • The Lasso Omega uses the Verizon cellular network to transmit GPS coordinates back to the user.
  • GPS coordinates are determined by using GPS outdoors or Wi-Fi triangulation when indoors. Omega will attempt to acquire GPS coordinates and if that fails, Wi-Fi information will be sent to servers to determine latitude/longitude. You do not need to configure anything.
  • GPS accuracy is typically 3 meters when outdoors and 20 meters when indoors depending upon mapping of Wi-Fi routers.
  • Wi-Fi router passwords are not needed to determine location. Wi-Fi routers must be nearby for indoor location determination. More routers improves accuracy.
  • Raw Data can be pulled from the servers by the customer using an API for use on their portal.
  • Keypad and the web allow you to customize reporting intervals.
  • Typical battery life is 3000 transmissions.
  • Normally sleeps to conserve battery power. Wakes every few hours to determine location using conventional GPS or Wi-Fi for indoor GPS.
Bread Crumb Tracing with Speed, and Heading

Configure Virtually Unlimited Geofences

Email and text alerts when entering or exiting a Geofence

Frequent updates of position & status as Asset travels the world
Tracking of when the asset went in or out of a Geofence

Engine Hour Monitoring and invoicing of your customers