Lasso Technologies, LLC
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The advent of wireless communication and GPS technologies has enabled businesses worldwide to capitalize on wireless sensing and location services. Lasso Technologies provides both Cellular and Satellite based wireless communications technologies used for asset management, fleet tracking, monitoring, control, and machine status.
  • GPS asset tracking and monitoring.
  • Tank levels, temperature, PH, salinity, flow, location, leak detection.
  • Mobile personnel shelter monitoring.
  • Solar panel status.
  • Total Oil field tank battery production reports and trends.
  • Theft tracking on bait assets.
  • Air quality monitoring.
  • RFID & Barcode reading and remote reporting.
  • Treatment plant lift station monitoring.
  • Equipment monitoring: generator, light tower.
  • Lake levels, city aquifers, spillways, remote weather station monitoring.
  • H2S monitoring and alerts.
  • Cellular, Satellite or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Track your Assets to Improve Business Processes anywhere in the world.
  • Monitor and control sensors in remote locations using cellular or satellite communication.
  • Automatic billing of end customer based upon usage.
  • Reduce Labor, hours, Overtime. Monitor Non productive Idle Time.
  • Environmental Responsibility through asset management.
  • Satisfy Government Regulations.
  • Improved Customer Service. Better ROI.
  • Lower Fuel Expenses. GPM. Emissions Reporting.
  • Alert conditions monitored and phone call, text or emails sent.
  • Snapshot overview of all of your assets, where they are, and what they are doing.
  • GPS tracking and tracing in real time.
  • Street Address pop up on map.
  • Geofence or Wandering notification.
  • Access raw data using an API call to also host on your server.
  • Tabular output of sensor data for any time span, trend determination and alarms.
  • Corporate multi-user access permissions and notifications.
  • Monitor Legitimate Usage of Assets. Reduce Insurance Rates
  • Updates as frequently as every 20 seconds.
  • Real time Truck weight transmission, graphing, and reporting capabilities.
  • Hours of Service capability. Driver interface using tablet computer in tractor cab.
  • Email and phone call voice alert capability to explicitly report alarm conditions.
  • Time of day or interval report generation emailing or texting.
  • End user can configure web pages, displayed columns, scaling, and display headings.
  • Hosted by or on your server.
  • Satellite version communicates with Globalstar satellites.
  • Cellular version uses GSM and GPRS and Verizon.
  • Cell Tower Connectivity. Private TCP VPN communication.
  • Indoor-Outdoor GPS available.
  • Reads many types of sensors: Analog, RS-232, RS-485, SDI-12, iButton, 4-20ma, Modbus, discrete I/O.
  • ECM J1939, ODB2 real time telemetry of engine data and most vehicle sensors.
  • ECM to read fault codes, rpm, engine hours, speed, odometer, fuel gpm, MPG, coolant in real time.
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Intrinsically Class 1 Div 2 safe option.
  • No external antennas.
  • Receive voice phone call alerts, web and email notification with map.
  • Local LCD display of flow, level, temperature and other physical attributes of measurements.
  • Solar rechargeable, External power, Lithium, Li-Ion or Alkaline batteries available.